WUAP Worlds 2023 - NEWS

All information about the World Championship 2023
Update on July 12 2023, at 7:00 p.m

All information about the World Championships in Vienna 2023 can be found on the website of the organizer - WUAP Austria


19. September – 23.September 2023

SPORTCENTER DONAUCITY                           

Arbeiterstrandbadstraße 128

1220 Vienna/AUSTRIA



          World United Amateur Powerlifting (WUAP),

         WUAP- Austria                                                                                                       


          Franz Seewald       Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                                           Phon-Nr.: +43 650 770 30 90

                                           Facebook: franz.lakeforest


          The World Championschip is organised and will be held by the WUAP rules, Version 3.0, Level 31.01.2023.


Lifting Schedule:

           Tuesday, 19.09.2023        

            08:40 Opening Ceremony

            09:00 Start – Powerlifting RAW     Teens, Juniors Men

                                    Powerlifting RAW      Teens, Juniors, Open, Masters Women


            Wednesday, 20.09.2023

            09:00 Start – Powerlifting RAW      Masters Men

                                    Deadlift EQ                all competitors (Women/Men)                                      


            Thursday, 21.09.2023

            09:00 Start – Powerlifting RAW      Open Men

                                    Powerlifting EQ        all competitors (Women/Men)


             Friday, 22.09.2023

             09:00 Start – Benchpress EQ         all competitors (Women/Men)

                                     Benchpress F8          all competitors (Women/Men)

                                     Deadlift RAW            all competitors (Women/Men)

             The results for F8 category will be announced according to reshel points,regardless of age or weight category.


             Saturday, 23.09.2023

             09:00 Start – Benchpress RAW     all competitors (Women/Men)

Entry fee:

         First event:

         75 € Open & Master,

         50 € Teens & Junior

         Additional event:

         50 € /event Open & Master,

          35 € /event, Teens & Junior




            Deadline for the entry forms and fees: 27.August 2023

                   After 27.08.2023 no late entrys will be acceptet!


       All lifters must pay their entry fees to their national federation. The national federation is                         

       responsible for submitting the team list and team payment by the closing date.