Current information from the meeting of the WUAP executive committee on 14.06.2024 and 15.06.2024

Meeting on 14/06 – 15/06/2024 in Trnava/SK


  • Rudolf Siska
  • Meinhard Schröder
  • Franz Seewald
  • Laslo Nemeth
  • Monika Tislerova
  • Franciszek Szabluk (Substitute for Poland)

Point 1: Individual Bench Press – Equipment Category

As all countries present have allowed and used the Catapult, Slingshot, F8, or similar bench shirts, single or multi-layered, for years at all national competitions, the topic of equipment has been tested for years. It has now been unanimously decided that from now on, there will only be one category of individual discipline – bench press equipment internationally where any type of equipment (Slingshot, Catapult, F8, or similar, bench shirts single or multi-layered) is allowed.

Regardless of the thickness or number of layers, the piece must be original, without specific modifications, and the back covered (T-shirt under the Slingshot/F8).

As before, no T-shirt may be worn under the regular shirt (single or multi-layer).

In the Powerlifting Equipment category, no Slingshot, Catapult, F8, or similar may be used.

Point 2:

The announcement, entry form, and all information for the upcoming World Championships in the Czech Republic will be published online next week.

Point 3:

As the biceps curl (strict curl) has become increasingly popular in recent years and is also part of weight training, we have decided to start a test run in this category from 2025. Laszlo Nemeth from Hungary will provide us with all the necessary information, rules, equipment, etc.

At the AGM – World Championship 2025, we will then weigh up and decide whether this category will be permanently included.

Point 4:

The organization of the European Championship 2025 was awarded to Hungary, which will take place from 03.06. to 07.06.2025.

The organization of the World Championship 2025 was awarded to Slovakia, with the date and location still under discussion (the car fair in Nitra was considered).

Point 5:

Bids for the organization of the European Championships and World Championships 2026:

  • European Championship: Austria – Bruck an der Leitha / Franz Seewald
  • World Championships: Germany / Meinhard Schröder

Point 6:

The new homepage was presented to the Executive Committee and will go online next week.


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