Venue of the 2024 WUAP World Championship

The organizer of the WUAP world championship decided that this year’s championship will be held in the city of Pohořelice, located in the South Moravian Region, near Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic.

WUAP-CZ chose the City Sports Hall as the venue for the championship.

Pohořelice is a town whose existence is demonstrably mentioned in documents as early as 1222.

The natural conditions and strategic location of the region certainly contributed to the popularity of the location.

Today, the city is located on the attached connecting line between Brno and Vienna, with regard to the existing network of expressways, it also forms a connecting link between these cities and Znojmo.

The town of Pohořelice is located on the banks of the river Jihlava, about 25 km south of Brno.

Currently, almost 5,300 inhabitants live in Pohořelice, thanks to good transport connections, Pohořelice has become an attractive place to live, so the number of inhabitants is constantly increasing.

The town of Pohořelice is located:
25 km from the city of Brno
220 km from Prague
120 km from Bratislava
110 km from Vienna

We wish you an undisturbed preparation for the peak of the competition season.

The WUAP team