If you are interested and own a World, European or American records, you can contact us and we will provide certificates for you for a fee (in Europe one piece of certificate 2,50€ + post fee 5€).

For World And European records contact: matobenko(at)asteri.sk 

Bank details (only for ER and WR outside America):

TATRA Banka, a.s.
IBAN CODE - SK4911000000002612195266
In the message for recipient please write certificates + your name

Certificates will be sent after the payment has been realised!

For American Records contact: parkhurst111(at)hotmail.com 
For bank details in America please contact: parkhurst111(at)hotmail.com 

Please, write us:

  • First and Last Name of the athlete as it is to appear on the certificate
  • Competition Name (ie. World Championships, European Championships, World Cup, etc)
  • Date of the competition
  • Discipline (PWL-squat, PWL-bench, PWL-deadlift, PWL-total, Benchpress, Deadlift) (RAW, EQ)
  • Achieved performance
  • Age category
  • Weight category
  • Post adress where the certificates should be send