2020 WUAP European cup have been canceled

We received bad news from the promoter of the European cup 2020


Although the general health situation regarding the pandemic is improving in Croatia, we still cannot know when life will return to normal.

The Ministry of Health and other goverment bodies are slowly easing protection measures against the virus. Sports, trainings and sports competitions will come last, unfortunately.
In such conditions, it is impossible to plan, organize and hold a competition according to the prescribed sports norms.
However, WUAP Croatia is ready for competition, everything has been ready, official applications have started. All logistics and equipment for the competition were provided and we were waiting for approval from the competent national institutions. Unfortunately, the Disease Control Headquarters does not allow sports competitions to be held until further notice.
So we have to to cancel the scheduled competition WUAP European Cup planned for July in Zadar.
When life be normalize, I am ready to organize a competition according to the WUAP calendar for 2021.
I hope you have an understanding for this situation and hope to make competition next year.
So, I am asking the people in charge for competition calendar to take me into consideration for the organization of this competition next year.
Thank you in advance!

With best regards,
Marijo Rukavina
WUAP Croatia