Lifting Schedule:       

Wednesday, 28.09.2022

09:30 Opening ceremony

10:00 Start – Powerlifting RAW women all competitors, 

                     Powerlifting RAW Open men                                      

Thursday, 29.09.2022

09:00 Start – Powerlifting RAW Teens/ Junior men, 

                     Powerlifting RAW Masters men

Friday, 30.09.2022

09:00 Start – Powerlifting EQ all competitors (men/women)

                     Benchpress EQ all competitors (men/women)

                     Deadlift EQ all competitors (men/women)

Saturday, 01.10.2022

09:00 Start – Benchpress RAW women all competitors

                     Benchpress RAW Teen & Junior men

                     Benchpress RAW Master men                                       

Sunday, 02.10.2022

10:00 Start – Benchpress RAW Open men

                     Deadlift RAW all competitors (men/women)


The daily start lists and group divisions will be published on the day of the competition after the 08:00 weigh-in.