SlingShot rule change

These rules only apply to the 2022 WUAP World Championship in Germany.

After the championship, a decision will be made to use RAM F8 and SlingShot in WUAP in 2023


This topic became very hot and very controversial. In the end, the following provisions for the use of SlingShot and F8 were unanimously determined:


1. The use of a SlingShot, or a RAM F8, will only be permitted in the Individual Bench Press Equipped division.


2. A bench press shirt or a SlingShot/F8 may be used, but not both.


3. SlingShot and F8 are precisely regulated as follows: - only SlingShot from an original manufacturer may be used in the original, - self-made products or modifications to the original are not permitted,


- the number of layers for the SlingShot is limited to a maximum of 3 layers,


- the support (number of layers) on the chest must not exceed/below the number of layers that the SlingShot consists of,


- a sleeveless t-shirt must be worn under the SlingShot,


- when using an F8, no t-shirt may be worn under the F8,


- with the F8, the shoulders and the chest and stomach area must be covered by the F8,


- the F8 must be closed on the back with Velcro or otherwise,


4. All other regulations specified for the BP EQ in the WUAP rule book also apply when using a SlingShot and F8.