This change should clarify the new world and continental records during competitions.

This change will help the referees to watch the record lifts and also the refs on the refs table with registration of the records.

This change should simplify the registration of world and continental records in record tables.

- World, European or American Records which are set by an athlete who is competing in a Powerlifting division, will only be applied to the Powerlifting records. These powerlifting records will no longer be applied to the stand alone lifts (BenchPress Only, or Deadlift Only) regardless if the Powerlifting record for BenchPress or Deadlift exceeds the stand alone Record.

- World, European, or American Records will only be accepted as records when the athlete or athletes representative has informed the scoring table that the upcoming attempt is a record attempt. The athlete will be checked by a referee after any successful record attempt. If the record attempt is approved by the referee, the record will then be recorded.


NOTE: If an athlete does not inform the scoring table of the record attempt, any successful attempt will be counted as part of competition, but no record will be awarded.

Results of the internet voting: 

Slovakia – Matúš Albert  - YES

USA – Stephen Parkhurst  - YES

Germany – Meinhard Schröder - YES 

Montenegro – Milos Čečanovič  - YES

Slovenia - Erni Gregorcic - YES

Bosnia & Herzegovina – Moro Mahir  - YES

Latvia - Mihails Rekaikins - YES

Ukraine – Sergiy Ryzhuk - YES

Hungary – László Németh  - YES

Poland – Frantisek Szabluk  - YES

Italy – Sergio Bianchi - YES

Serbia – Jan Pauliny  - YES

Czech republic – Karel Koldovský - YES

Austria – Heinz Stroj  - YES

Swiss – Serge Cina  - YES


15 x YES , 0 x NO


The rule change is approved.

The changes will be included in to the WUAP rulebook and published on the webpage.


Thank you for cooperation. 


Rudolf Siska

Prezident WUAP