The city is divided into three basic parking zones: Zone A, Zone B and Zone C.

The most used one is, of course, the first one. It is located in the historical center between the following streets: Hlboká, Kollárová, Hospodárska, Zelený kríček and Rybníková. Hourly fee is 0.50 Euro.

The ticket can be purchased at designated parking machines distributed around the city center. In case you do not have a spare change, you can pay by SMS, with only an additional 10 cents.

When you arrive at the WUAP Championship, you can comfortably park in Zone B

It includes the car park in Kollárova (opposite the town spa), Hospodárska and Rybníkova Street (by the City sports hall). You can pay cheaper parking at Kollárova Street from the intersection with Hlboká Street to the intersection with Hospodárska Street and at Zelený Kríček and Šrobárová Street. An hour of parking at these places is 0.20 Euro. Paying via SMS cost 10 cents more.

On Saturday and Sunday, parking is free in Trnava