WUAP rules are updated

This Rulebook and all the contents included are the possession of the World United Amateur Powerlifting Organization (WUAP).

Update on Februar 07, 2023, at 09:00 p.m


This rule book, in the currently valid version, is binding for all international championships awarded by the WUAP Association. The organizers of these competitions act on behalf of the association and must abide by these rules. Unauthorized interpretations of these Rules by the Promoters that result in distortion or misrepresentation of the Rules are not permitted. Should certain hardship cases arise, the organizer of the event must contact the board and explain the problem. 

Each member country of the WUAP Association has the right to use the provisions of this rule book for their national WUAP rule book. It is irrelevant whether this rule book is adopted completely as a national rule book, or whether a national rule book is created based on this rule book with nationally valid changes and additions.


You can find the updated complete rules  ..... HERE