WUAP Worlds 2020 - CANCELLED

Dear Sport friends,

With sadness we have to announce the WUAP World Championships, which should have been held this year on the date 11. – 17. October in Hungary have been cancelled.

The epidemiological situation, which does not allow a lot of people not only in Europe but the whole world to travel is one of the main reasons the promoter together with  WUAP leadership has decided  for this step. We need to respect the rules, which are set currently by each country to protect the health of citizens and are forcing to adhere to them. It would not be fair, if we would insist on having the promoter promote the Championships on which it would not be possible for most athletes to take part.

We are one big family, which respects each and every member. Also we all are aware that the health of everyone is the highest priority.

We believe you can accept this decision.

Hungary also requested the opportunity to promote the World Championships in 2021 as replacement for this year's cancelled event. WUAP leadership is negotiating with promoters for competitions in 2021 and 2022.

Information about the refreshed calendar will be published during September 2020.

Thank you.

Rudolf Siska, Meinhard Shröder, Stephen Parkhurst