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Here are listed the World, European and American records.

World records:


Europeam records:


American records:

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Latest News

New 2016 season is starting

Dear sport friends,

new 2016 season is starting and therefore we would like to ask you the following: If you promote a competition under the WUAP, please let us know so we can add it to our calendar.

Write down the dates, name of the competition and the name of the promoter (of course also a link to your website if you have one). We will also promote your competition on our Facebook page.

Please send this to the email: rudo.siska(at)gmail.com


Kind regards

Rudolf Siska


From 1.1.2016 WUAP is using new improved logo. You can donwload it for using on your website and for promotion here: http://wuap-powerlifting.com/images/logo/wuapweb.zip


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